Teal velvet chairs with orange legs

This sofa was bought at the same time as the floral blue/teal armchair. This moleskin fabric is amazing. It is washable and you can try to scratch it – no mark appears. Very durable and best of all, only £30 per metre. Lovely range of colours.

A beautiful, bright  floral fabric is chosen for this armchair. Above left photo.

The funky furry chair seat and back is covered with a goatskin and the sides and arms are grey tweed. Upholstered by a talented friend who has an eye for the unusual and zany in upholstery. She does cater for more traditional and classic tastes also. Take a look at her lampshades also.

So if you have a piece of furniture you would like upholstering, give Helen a call 0790 9624310 or email helen@thecurtainco.co.uk  and she can refer you to one of her upholsterers.



Liven up an old chair or any piece of furniture which you may think should be destined for the dump by reupholstering it. You may have a favourite chair which has been in the family for years, but is looking a little jaded and outdated.  There are so many fantastic fabrics which can totally transform your furniture.

Take a look at some of the examples below.

This cute little chair was about to be thrown out by my friend until I recommended that it should be reupholstered.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a “before” photo, but the “after” shows a wonderful transformation. The pink and white wool fabric is now a special chair for her little granddaughter and has become a family heirloom.

I bought these chairs from a second hand furniture shop, and they were covered in a hideous black vinyl complete with dust and dirt down the sides.

I loved the shape though and decided to buy them there and then.

It really was a drastic change….The teal velvet chairs with their orange legs reflect the colour of my dining room walls. (Still not 100% sure on the legs!)

I purchased this chair about twenty years ago and it has been reincarnated about four times now.

I love this blue/teal floral fabric. It is piped with teal velvet. It is a really comfy chair, just like they used to make them…

Furry Lampshades

The lampshades above are……