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Poles & Tracks


One of my trusted suppliers of poles is Cameron Fuller. They  offer a wide range of both iron and wooden poles in different diameters to suit the requirements of your curtains and the look you are wanting to achieve.

The wooden poles and accessories are made from renewable timbers in their workshops in Devon.

Cameron Fuller offers twenty eight standard finishes all carefully applied by hand, waxed and buffed to a light sheen. From natural wood finishes, including pine, light oak, cherry and walnut to painted finishes. You can also have your own paint colour choice to coordinate with your room colours.

These wooden poles are available in 35mm, 50mm and 63mm diameters with a wide range of finials to choose from…

The wrought iron range of poles are available in 19mm and 32mm diameters and a range of colours which now includes

These iron poles are also available as double pole systems so that a voile curtain may be hung behind the main curtain. Very useful for privacy.

The 19mm iron poles may be bent to fit your bay window….

Other ranges available are Metropole, Byron and Byron, Swish, Museum.


Silentgliss is the king of tracks. Made to measure tracks may be ordered to fit your window. Curtains glide effortlessly and are worth the extra investment, as they last for years and years. There is a track available for many different applications, from light weight curtains to heavy. It is amazing how a track can make a huge difference to the functionality of drawing curtains and to the overall look.

Also available Swish and Integra