Louise Clements

Louise Clements is a curtain maker, interior stylist and designer who lives in East Sussex. She has spent the last five years renovating and designing her own home from a derelict building to a beautiful family home that has been featured in September's House Beautiful.

She loves sourcing unique pieces of furniture and objets d'art from markets. She loves layering texture, pattern and colour in order to make a dramatic impact in a room.

‘I get a buzz from finding something I know is a one off piece, sourced from markets etc. and adding them to homes which creates a story. To have a story behind many pieces in your home is much more interesting. I have  used unique and exciting finds to create a decor which is individual but also very cost effective. So much better than buying items from high street stores. I love creating my own ideas from and seeing them come to life. Sometimes you just can’t find what you want, until you realise you can make it yourself! It’s a very satisfying and rewarding process. I like the house to dictate how the creative process evolves. Also, a close working relationship with the client is, obviously essential and with those three inputs, the outcome is always very effective. Each new aspect of a project adds to the final, finished product and is exciting. The difference which the smallest piece can make is great and the journey it takes you on is inspiring.’

Louise has been sewing soft furnishing as well as creating her own designs of interior pieces over the last few years. She enjoys working with fabrics, designing and making the soft furnishings for clients, as well as having an input on any other aspects of the client’s project.

Contact Louise on  louiseclements1@gmail.com or call T: 01892 783 690 or M: 07734 682 282.

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